What I do is simple: I give you your voice back. I cut through all the garbage you’ve been taught about what makes good writing and let your natural authority and personality come out. Rules are good, but too many people are strangled by them. We can cut through that together.

Research Papers.

They inspire the near universal hatred of students everywhere. But I dig them.

I can edit your copy, help develop ideas, guide you through the process, give you organization tips and tricks. From thesis to conclusion, I got you covered.

I won’t write it for you, but when I’m done, you’ll look as smart as your mamma believes you are.

Nerd to English Translation.

You’re an expert in a field, chuck full of technical information that no one in their right mind understands. But you need your average fifth grader to grok it in one pass.

I got you.

I’ve explained the subtle nuances of New Jersey’s storm water management regulations on varying categories of protected waterways, on deadline. I regularly write articles for PhDs who are far smarter than me but can’t convey that outside their discipline.

Essays, Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Any Writing Whatsoever.

There are so many instances in life where it is critical your thoughts are laid out saliently and clearly so they move people to action.

Quick example: I sit in the house I own, not because I had the highest bid, but because I wrote an impassioned plea that so moved the former owner he accepted my far lower bid.

Writing matters.

Do not miss an opportunity.

Say What?

Copy editing, Proofreading (Yes, there’s a difference), Content Editing, Idea Generation, Ghost Writing, Writing Coach.

I can provide all these services table d’hôte or à la carte, where you can mix and match like grammar Garanimals. (They were clothes for kids in the ’70s. I’m old. Shut up.)

How Much?

Not to be cagey, but it depends on the job, your needs and how quickly you want it.

I’m not an unreasonable man. We can work this out for most anyone’s budget.

CONTACT ME at bykeithbrown@gmail.com and we’ll get it done.