My youngest reminded me not long ago that I don't write for myself anymore, that I only write for other people . Or for money. Or both. But not just for me.

Fair point. A little blunt, but fair.

Then, Elon Musk took over Twitter and fired half the people. I quit my account. I didn't use it much anyway, so it's not like my closed account amounted to much, for them or for me. And I've been on the fence about Facebook for some time. I'm tired of social media. I've come to the conclusion -- quite late, I'll admit -- that it has done terrible harm. There was an internet I once was excited about it. An internet I helped build. An internet full of limitless possibilities.

On this internet, I wrote blogs before they were called blogs. They were just called personal sites back then. That's when Yahoo was still the biggest game in town, and that only consisted of links categorized and curated by regular human people. Wikipedia was years away. Google was still just a huge number nerds used.

There was a community of people who operated personal sites. You learned about people from far-flung places and their lives. I virtually "met" a bunch of people, a handful of whom I'm still friends with. And I've still never met them in person, some 25 years later.

That internet no longer exists. It has been replaced by a giant shopping mall, where algorithms monetize the personal and worst of humanity rises to the top. From this, I'm dropping out. I'm going to try to keep it 1994 up in here.

So that's why the name. Zero Comments is what I expect to see here, since my audience will exist of only those who, somehow, accidentally ended up here, likely never to return. Just like it was in the old days.

There's supposed to be a book with the same name, discussing what the internet was like before social media took over. I'm not sure. I'd probably never read it, anyway. If it does exist, dude, I ripped you off. Sorry.