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Six Months: M1:W2:D1

A week. It had to be Thanksgiving week, though, right? My blood sugar took a significant spike, ending the week at the highest fasting level I’ve ever seen: 199. I began a new regimen of aged garlic, 2400 milligrams daily, which should have only little benefit to my blood sugar, but more for my cardiovascular … Continue reading Six Months: M1:W2:D1

Six Months: M1:W1:D6

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, a day after binging on sugary treats for breakfast and carbs throughout the day. Also beer. Lots of beer. It’s Thanksgiving, man. You can’t not indulge. It’s also my favorite holiday, mainly because for some reason its been mainly left alone by the marketers. There are no Thanksgiving songs, no … Continue reading Six Months: M1:W1:D6

Six Months: M1:W1:D4

I had three vodka tonics with sugary cranberry juice before bed, just like most personal trainers will recommend for those trying to lose weight and control their diabetes. I feel no guilt. If I can’t have a little vodka here and there during this process, I don’t want any part of it. Health is great, … Continue reading Six Months: M1:W1:D4

Six Months: M1:W1:D3

Yesterday was a beautiful day; 65 degrees and sunny. I walked about 3.5 miles around the neighborhood and still didn’t see all of it. This place really is colossal. I made my vegetable soup two days ago and I’m still eating it. Chuck full of veggies, a little barley and some TVP for good measure. … Continue reading Six Months: M1:W1:D3

Six Months: M1:W1:D2

Two days in and I’m already flummoxed. I took my blood sugar this morning and it’s up 20 freaking points from yesterday. It measured 182, which is about 80 points higher than my lowest measurement, which was last year just after I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was in bad shape then, having not exercised … Continue reading Six Months: M1:W1:D2

Prove Me Wrong

Coupla beers + summer nighttime bike ride for a handful of miles in the pitch dark = 25mg Xanax + first hill of your favorite roller coaster.

Essential Reading from Reddit

Every so often, Reddit really pays off big. This thread is proof. The original post, below, is terrific. The comments that follow are equally as good. The whole thread is worth your time.


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