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Abused Little End Table

I found this dying little end table callously tossed aside as junk. It was damn ugly, for sure.

Salvaged Dining Room Set

This exceedingly solid, heavy set was on its way to a landfill when I found it. Two trips in my Volkswagen later, I was knee deep in sawdust. This thing was in really poor cosmetic shape, but after some attention, it was ready for another 30 years of abuse.

The First Three Miles

Three miles. Three miles was all I could ride without a break on my first few rides after deciding to get back on a bicycle after a 20-some-year hiatus. They were a hard-earned three miles, too, what with the wheezing and the heart pounding and all. I felt lucky to have completed them and dreaded … Continue reading “The First Three Miles”

X Marks the Spot

The skies have opened. A deluge pounds the thirsty ground outside with authority. Drops the size of quarters fall straight down like little wet bombs that explode as they hit the ground, moistening the dirt in a blast area several times the circumference of their initial impact. There may be no “X” on my calendar … Continue reading “X Marks the Spot”


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