Six Months: M1:W2:D1

Blood Sugar: 179 (-20)
Weight: 177 (-3)
Resting Heart Rate: 76

A week. It had to be Thanksgiving week, though, right? My blood sugar took a significant spike, ending the week at the highest fasting level I’ve ever seen: 199. I began a new regimen of aged garlic, 2400 milligrams daily, which should have only little benefit to my blood sugar, but more for my cardiovascular health. Some Turmeric capsules should be coming in the mail tomorrow as well.

Week 1: 1.9 miles daily

I have averaged 1.9 miles daily walking last week, up from, like, zero. My goal is not to hit a certain number of miles. It’s more to exercise enough to strengthen my heart so as not to be bothered by angina. With the exception of yesterday, when my FBS was sky high, it is working. My chest hurts less and for less often during my strolls already. The temperature has been mild enough that I could easily have ridden my bike. But I think easing in after a couple of months of laziness is in order. Plus, when the weather does take a turn south, I’ll already be in the habit of walking, rather than moving from the bike into a new form of exercise during the foul weather. I dunno. It’s working so far. I hope to walk through the winter. I do need to do something, clearly.

I managed to stick away $50 from this paycheck, too. And my new job starts a week from today, so some financial improvement should be on its way as well. I have an immediate need to rid myself of $2,400 in debt, the result of my dog’s sudden surgery to repair her torn ACL. Fortunately for me, this is also year-end buying season, so that will definitely help me save more money, right?

This is part of a series of posts, some better than others, tracking my efforts to better my health and financial situation, an effort dominating the next six months of my life. It started here.

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