Six Months: M1:W1:D6

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, a day after binging on sugary treats for breakfast and carbs throughout the day. Also beer. Lots of beer. It’s Thanksgiving, man. You can’t not indulge.

Blood Sugar: 190
Weight: Up, I’m sure.
I haven’t confronted this yet.

It’s also my favorite holiday, mainly because for some reason its been mainly left alone by the marketers. There are no Thanksgiving songs, no pressure to buy things for people you don’t even like, no lights to string, nothing but food and drink with family. What could be better?

But I’m paying for it today. Blood sugar is up considerably, among the highest readings I’ve ever had. I haven’t gotten on the scale yet, but I’m sure I gained a few pounds yesterday. Funny how it’s so easy to put them on, and so difficult to take them off. Just not right, that.

This is part of a series of posts, some better than others, tracking my efforts to better my health and financial situation, an effort dominating the next six months of my life. It started here.

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