Six Months: M1:W1:D3

Blood Sugar: 157 (-25)
Heart Rate: 72

Yesterday was a beautiful day; 65 degrees and sunny. I walked about 3.5 miles around the neighborhood and still didn’t see all of it. This place really is colossal.

I made my vegetable soup two days ago and I’m still eating it. Chuck full of veggies, a little barley and some TVP for good measure. It’s good stuff. I think that’s at least partially responsible for bringing down my blood sugar levels. I offered it up for sale by the quart to anyone on Nextdoor. I don’t expect anyone to actually buy it, but it is a little fantasy of mine to run a small business selling food out of my kitchen.

Breakast: None
Lunch: 2x bowls soup
Dinner — Lentils, roasted
small potatoes, soup,
sliced green pepper
Drinks: 1 vodka tonic w/
cranberry juice

I’ve been soaking some black beans since last night, too. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but I am going to at least give this planning simple vegetable and protein meals a chance.

I also made some lentils as a main dish for the first time. Awfully good. Quite simple, too. Paired that with the soup, some roasted small potatoes and a sliced green pepper with a gob of hummus. That was dinner. I was stuffed and none of it was bad for me. It can be done.

This is part of a series of posts, some better than others, tracking my efforts to better my health and financial situation, an effort dominating the next six months of my life. It started here.

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