VIDEO: Dutch Bike Company’s Ad Pulled Off Air for Telling the Truth

A Dutch bicycle maker’s ad was pulled from French TV, Forbes reports, because government apologists don’t want to butthurt car makers by reminding people that automobiles are filthy, inefficient planet-killers.

VanMoof, the Dutch company that made the ad touting its newest e-bike, shows unflattering, albeit honest, images of smokestacks, pollution and wall-to-wall traffic superimposed on the reflection of a car during the 30-second spot.

It was apparently too much unvarnished truth for the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP), the French authority that pulled the ad, saying VanMoof brought “discredit [to] the automobile sector.”

“It’s puzzling that car companies are allowed to gloss over their environmental problems, but when someone challenges that situation, it gets censored,” VanMoof Co-founder Ties Carlier told Forbes.

VanMoof won’t budge.

“We refuse to make a watered-down version [of the ad] that would meet ARPP recommendations for the French automotive industry,” Alfa-Claude Djalo, VanMoof communications manager said.

The ad has previously run, without censorship, in Germany and in The Netherlands, Forbes said.

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