Just In: In Praise of the Bicycle

Retrieving the daily mail isn’t always depressing. Occasionally, mixed in with overdue bills and paper spam I never asked for nor wanted, is a little treat. Today was one such day.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a book from Moon Palace Books, an independent bookshop in Minneapolis, Minn. It’s not exactly my go-to bookseller, but after I heard that it was one of the only businesses left standing amid the uprising following the police murder of George Floyd, I became interested. Turns out, the shop has always supported the working class and recently offered support to the demonstrators demanding to be heard, finally. That’s class.

I like to spend my money where it does good, whenever possible. I ponied up some $14 for In Praise of the Bicycle, by Mare Aug‌é, a French anthropologist whose claim to fame seems to be that he coined the term “non-place” to describe “the transience and anonymity of global airports, hotels and motorways,” whatever that means.

The thin book — less than 100 pages — is supposed to be a rumination on riding a bike. How can you really go wrong with that? Plus, my money went to an independent bookseller and not to a billionaire.

Review pending.

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